How to create the story for the book?

In my previous article I have talked about how to write the book. That article was meant to let readers understand whether they really want to write the book. In this article on “How to create the story for the book” I would like to talk more about the story creation process.

So, what you will learn in this article. In this article I will introduce the main questions which I tend to answer before starting to create the story. We will go through the “Who? Why? Where? When? What?” and find the deeper meaning of those questions to our story. So, let’s start our journey to story creation.

How to create the story for the book. Who?

The first and most interesting part of the story creation process is to select our main characters and a protagonist. It’s the most important part as the readers tend to like or don’t like the story depending on the characters in it. If you can create a protagonist which will awake empathy of readers your story will be a success.

It doesn’t mean that your protagonist shall be perfect – not at all. I will tell you more, If the protagonist has two or three character traits which can irritate other main characters of the story – it’s perfect. In real life there’s nobody perfect, the same thing goes to the story you want to create.

Take time to meet every character of the story and write their bonds to other characters. Don’t take too much time on this task. From my experience those bonds tend to change when you start to write the story. However, it’s the habit which is nice to have to understand the behaviour of your characters.

How to create the story for the book. Why?

Now, when we have met our main characters and know their connections. Let’s give them some goals and beliefs. I know that you have already thought about it when creating the bonds between characters. However, this question is more related to the inner world of characters.

The question “why?” also helps to create the arc of the protagonist. I know that all writers love the character they create and would like to nurture them. I am sadistic and will tell you to be one too. For the sake of the story, make your protagonist suffer. Make his love unrequited, fire him, make him sick – find something to hurt your character and make him active.

How to create the story for the book. What?

It may seem the same question as ones written above, however this question is meant to the story itself. If previously we talked about the characters, now we start to talk about the story. What happens in your story? About what you want to write?

Sometimes, I switch this question with the question “Who?”. It depends fully on your decision to concentrate writing efforts on the story or on the character. In any case, the book concentrated on the story can be as popular as the book concentrated on the character.

Where and When?

When we know the plot of our story and our characters, we should concentrate on the place and time of our story. The main issue in these questions is that a lot of starting writers don’t take them seriously.

However, the time and place can make a large impact on story events. They can have political, ethical and social impacts on the story. As the belief and goals for characters, time and place creates the additional layer for the story, making it more believable.

Now you know all questions for answering “How to create a story for the book”. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. For the sake to keep the article simple to follow I didn’t mention authors and books which helped me to learn a lot about how to create the story. So, I promise to write an article about books worth reading for every writer.

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