How to write a fantasy story?

Our subscribers already know that we have several articles about  writing. First article “How to write the book?” – was meant to resolve procrastination issues. The article “How to create the story for the book?” – introduced the questions for writers to keep in mind when they create the story. Now, we want to go even deeper to the topic and analyse “How to write a fantasy story?”

The creation of a fantasy story may seem similar to writing any other story. You need a protagonist, antagonist and set of main characters. Also, you will need to plan their relationships, beliefs and goals. You should also think about the plot of the story, time and place. Read deeper about these topics in the article: “How to create the story?

The difference between a fantasy story vs non-fiction.

However, fantasy stories are more difficult to write than non-fiction. In the non-fictional stories you already have the place – a world which already has some common rules which can not be obeyed (f.e. Physical laws). When you decide to write a fantasy story, you shall keep in mind that you are going to space without the rules. All the rules of the world in fantasy stories can be built by the author.

If we look at worlds created by early sci-fi writers such as Jules Verne (1828-1905) they seem not so different from the world we are living in. Jules Vernes characters live in our world, however they do “imposible” – at least for the time Verne lived – things. “Around the world in 80 days”, “Journey to the center of Earth” and so on – to people who lived at the same time as Verne whose things were unimaginable or in other words fantasy.

On the other hand in the 2000’s there appeared the known story about the chosen boy – Harry Potter. The world of Harry Potter is filled with magic, spells and fantastical creatures. The author of the saga J.K.Rowling had made the colossal work creating the rules and myth a lot people believed in.

What is the biggest challenge?

For the fantasy story to become real the author needs to think clearly about all rules of his newly created world. Like J. Schell mentions in his book “The art of game design: book of lenses” there are no parts of the game that can be overlooked. Even if it is house size it must fit in the universe the game designer wants to create.

Every author who decides to go in the fantasy field should be interested in a variety of topics from arts to physics. Also there should always be some social systems which will grant the story with more depth. Without social ties and rules explanation the story becomes boring. Even if the story has well designed characters if it doesn’t hold social bonds it will be empty. After all humans are social creatures and social bonds are something that is the most interesting for us.

As time goes by more and more new inventions are being created and the fantasy becomes real. As the astronomic constructor Sergej Koroliov (1907-1966) said, all scientists should read fantasy books as first there is dream, after it comes idea and then idea becomes invention. What could be fantasy 100 years ago, nowadays could be a simple adventure. Who knows, maybe after 100 years we will be living in the world of Harry Potter or “Star Wars”?

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