How to write the book?

How to write the book? The main question I hear in Facebook groups of writing lovers or from people who have heard that I’m writing my own stories and books.

“Just write” – was my usual answer. However, soon I found that beneath this question people placed other questions. How to stay motivated when you are writing? Is there are some kind of secret to make the story alive? How to plan the story?

The topic about motivation is really broad and I will leave it for a separate article. Now I just introduce my approach for motivation. The world of my stories’ characters depends fully on me. There is nobody else who can write my story. I live for my stories’ characters and love them. It’s a very simple thought, however it’s powerful enough to keep me writing.

However, only motivation to start write the book is not enough. I have met a lot of people who were eager to write the story, but when I asked why they don’t start writing a book the procrastination appears. “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t know how”, “Nobody will ever read my stories”. I fully understand those thoughts, they are always with me and for each of them I have the corresponding answer.

How to write the book? Find time for writing

Let’s start from my beloved one. “I don’t have the time for writing”. How long do you think it takes to write the book? If you ask a lot of writers you will hear that it takes year or two to write the book. However, don’t think writers don’t do anything else except writing one story. Usually, writers tend to work at a few project at the same time.

Let’s look at Dante Alighieri who had been writing his “Divine Comedy” for 12 years. Is it possible that during all these years he didn’t do anything else? I would disagree. Another example, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He had been writing “Faust” almost all his life. If we take information from Wikipedia, the earliest version (“Urfaust”) was developed between 1772 – 1775; a fragment of Faust was published 1790; the first part of Faust was published 1806 and the second part appeared only 1831.

When we look at those authors, we start to think that writing takes all your time. It’s true, writing is the state of mind not technical typing, however for typing you can schedule daily limit of words which you want to fallow.

I don’t suggest you to start from 1000 words per day. If somebody told me that I need to write 1000 words per day, I would drop writing in the first week. For writing it’s better to set smaller goals. How about 200 words per day? Well, it doesn’t look to be very much, doesn’t it? If you want to start something new try to set small goals which would let you be disciplined.

Will somebody read my book?

Yes, you have heard me right, you need to be very disciplined to be able to write. When you are writing your own book, you don’t know how many readers you would have and if your work will pay off. And there comes the worst enemy “Nobody will read my book”.

When I first met this obstacle it froze me and stopped from writing for several years. However, I obtained an antidote for this just by doing everything that I can to make my stories as interesting as it can be.

“You are writing for ten people”

“You are writing for ten people” once said my literature teacher. So, If you manage to make 11 people read your story – it’s great. This means your story is worth becoming a bestseller. The biggest advice to release the tension is not to think too big of yourself and your work. However, you should seek for more.

Keep your goals small – seek for more

Start from small goals, for example write 150 words per day or dedicate half an hour for writing. When you will start to write the book, you soon will find what you exceeded your goal two hours ago. All you need is just start to do something and go to the flow. For me the hardest part of writing is to stop writing and go for lunch.

Everybody walks their writing path in their own direction and pace. Nobody can say the perfect formula of how to write the masterpiece. In the world there are billions of people with different taste. Just start writing and let the reader decide whether they will like your book.

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