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As we mentioned before, we value our readers and their time. So, we made promise to create content we will be proud of. The article “Why Storyteller is forced to kill?” is the strongest point of our blog. This article has gone deep inside the thoughts of the author’s creation process. So, if you haven’t read this article we recommend to spend few minutes on it.

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Real-life examples and tips which can be used in real-life is that makes the content valuable. At least, it’s our belief. You can make sure of it writing our article “The 4 questions for copywriters”. This article covers the main questions copywriter answers when he creates the copy and the true meaning behind them.

We couldn’t leave this blog without some philosophical playground where we try find the best description to different terms. How we manage this, you can look in the article “Author, copywriter, storyteller – the difference in terms”. In this article we dig deep into terms of the author, copywriter and storyteller and found our answer to those terms.

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