The 4 questions for copywriters

As we all know business owners and copywriters have the different tasks. Business owners are concerned to find the best copywriter. Copywriters want to create the best possible copy for business owners. In the article below I want to provide 4 questions for copywriters and meanings behind them.

The 4 questions for copywriters. Why?

When we decide to have a copy we have a clear business goals the copy must meet. So, why we need the copy? Of course, we want to sell. However, there is big difference of what should be written in social media posts, blog articles, emails, e-books and follow up emails.

In each of this copy the reader is in different step of their journey. Blog posts are excellent decision to inform buyers about your product. In the emails readers already know about your products, so you can have more direct approach to selling. In any case, you shouldn’t forget that every copy shall have value to a reader.

Readers have a large choice of what to read, so copywriter should answer the question “Why does the reader need to read the article?” as soon as possible. Copywriter should know the reader, his problems and introduce them in the first paragraph.

WHAT? What are we talking about?

I mentioned what the copywriter should know reader’s problems and introduce them as soon as he can in the copy. So, the whole article should be about reader’s problems. Be it a short social media post or e-book – every copy should help user to solve his problems.

There is one more question which start with “What”. What kind of copy should be created? Everything depends on the marketing budget and the users step in buyer’s journey. Like I already mentioned, blog is a perfect place to introduce your product or service and collect email database. User friendly emails are effective way to nurture buyers further in they journey.

The 4 questions for copywriters. HOW?

So, we talked about readers’ problems, they already are willing to listen to us. It’s time to talk about how we want to solve reader’s problems. Introduce your service or product to readers and showcase all the strong points of this service / product.

All reader’s are keen to learn, so tell them more about the way how your product / service solves their problems. What technologies are used? How those technologies behave in different situations? How user should interpret the results provided by technology? Clear all the possible questions user could have, the “Google” algorithm likes it.


We came all the way to make users understand that we know their problems. Talked about the best solution to solve them. We also have showed that we know how to help him. So, it’s the best time to introduce ourselves. Tell the readers your story. Mention your company’s strong points overlapped with user problem solving. Don’t forget to tell reader what you expect them to do.

Write a good copy is easy when you remember that you are talking about the reader’s problems. I hope that this article helped copywriters and business owners to better understand how to write a good copy.

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