Author, copywriter, storyteller – the difference in terms

What’s the difference between a copywriter and an author? Who is the storyteller? Do storytellers, copywriters and authors differ? It’s the usual questions I ask myself everyday. Let’s dig into topic and spot the difference between the author, copywriter and storyteller.

The self-published author

Let’s start from the easiest one – the author. The author is the person who writes and publishes a book or blog post. Sounds similar to storyteller or copywriter? Yes, but the main difference of the author is that they take ownership of their works.

In today’s world an author should know a lot more than just write the wonderful stories. He also needs to know how to do marketing and a lot more things about self-publishing. Like I mentioned before the author is the writer who was published, so he is responsible to properly promote his works.

The business goal oriented copywriter

Copywriter is the person who can write the book as a ghostwriter to serve the business purpose, but he will never be the author of that book. The copywriter is a watchdog of business, he has clear tasks which need to be achieved. He is the main communicator between business and readers.

We already stated that a copywriter is not the same as the author. However is there a difference between copywriter and storyteller? Yes, there is. The copywriter can use the story to serve the business goals, however the copywriter uses only words to tell his story. Of course, he can write the script for the video but he can not create separate products from his story.

Author, copywriter, storyteller – the comparison

I searched the internet to find who people call storytellers. Usually the storytellers and authors have similar meaning. However I would try to disagree.

First of all I stated that authors are owners of their works. They need to publish their works to become the author, however storytellers not always are owners of their works. Also, not all authors we can call storytellers. The author who publishes the medical report won’t use the storytellers pitch.

What about copywriters and storytellers? Well, I have mentioned before that copywriters are the watchdogs of business and uses story to engage with readers. However, they don’t create the world in which the user would want to live. It’s such a subtle line between those two, so better I will use the example of storytelling.

The best way to show all the power of storytellers is their ability to create the whole world with rules and implement it in narrative game design. Players feel that the game world with which they interact is real, to the extent that they want to buy crafts for their characters. They want to spend the real money on digital assets.

Worlds created by great storytellers are really awesome, because they create the whole culture in real life. J.Lucas “Star Wars”, J.K.Rowling saga of Harry Potter, “Pokemon” and Santa Claus – it’s only a few examples of great stories which come to life.

To sum everything above we can state the main difference between the author, copywriter and storyteller. The author needs to be published. The copywriter serves the business goals the storyteller creates the concept of a whole new world.

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