Why Storyteller is forced to kill?

“The friend of Alexandre Duma was passing through a great writer’s house when he saw Duma. Duma was sitting in front of his house and crying. The friend asked Duma what had happened to make Duma cry. Duma answered that he had killed Athos.” Read the article bellow to find the answer to the question: “Why Storyteller is forced to kill?”

Why would the storyteller cry when he kills somebody in his book? He is the one who writes the story. He loves his character and suddenly he decides to kill them. Of course, the author will cry. The connection of the author and character he creates are very deep, similar as mother and her child. So, why would storyteller want to kill?

The symbiosis between the story and its author

What if I told you that storyteller is not the one to decide the events in the story? You would look at me as some insane person. However, it’s true. In creation there is moments when the author owns the story and the moments when the story owns the author.

The symbiosis of the author and his story is really amazing when you start to analyse it. Nobody who had felt the impact of this symbiosis will think that it’s nonsense. The main point there is that the storyteller knows where he wants the story to go. However, the characters of the story decide how they will do it. 

Death or move?

I remember how I cried when I needed to kill one of the characters of my new story. After I told this story to my friend, she wondered why I couldn’t just make the friend of protagonist to move to another country. The answer was simple. The effect of friend’s move is always weaker for the main character than the death of the friend.

When the storyteller creates the character, he also creates his beliefs and relationships with other characters in the story. When the author has to remove the character from the story, he should think about how it resonates with other characters beliefs and performance.

As You can see, the death of one character in the story has a great impact on the whole story. So, why does the storyteller go through all the trouble of  killing the character instead of letting him move far away?

The answer is simple, the main character needs to grow and f.e. his friend is in his way. If the storyteller decides to send the friend away the main character may just sit and wait for the friend to return. In this way, the main character won’t grow. However, when the storyteller kills the friend of the main character, the main character escalates. In this situation, the main character could decide to get revenge or just go on an adventure. 

Why Storyteller is forced to kill? Impact of characters death

One more topic worth to mention is the way the storyteller chooses to kill the character. This is even more important than the fact of character’s death. I won’t try to cover all nuances of death obstacles and how they implement the main character. I just want the reader to understand that there is a large difference whether the character was killed by enemies in the front-line defending his mates or asked the protagonist to kill him as in the awesome anime “Code Geass”.

The topic of character’s death is very important and interesting part of great story. Of course, every author loves his characters and want them to be happy. However, for the sake of the story sometimes the storyteller needs to kill. It’s hard decision, but if you wish to be great storyteller you must think about more than one character. Your concern is the whole story…

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