Traits needed to be a good writer

How to be a good writer? Is creativity enough to write a book? Can one person write a good story without having feedback from others? Those and other questions about writers and writing I would like to answer in the article “Traits needed to be a good writer”.

It all starts from creativity

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu.

The writing journey starts from a brainstorm – technique, which lets you free up the creativity. Be it the image of the protagonist, name of his pet or the topic of the story – the writer needs to grab ideas and write them down. How many ideas should be generated for one story? The more – the better.

Some ideas and thoughts during brainstorming can be not related to the topic which you want to write about. It’s nothing bad, just write them down to free your thoughts from distraction. In this moment, you shall not judge the ideas, just write them down until there’s nothing left.

Traits needed for good writer – Willing to learn

After a brainstorm comes the idea combination and judging time. Now, it’s the time when you dig deeper to ideas you have written. Writers need to do a lot of research on topics they want to write about. It’s really difficult to write something new, when you don’t know what already exists in the market.

Music, books, paintings, animation and games are the obvious industries which writers should be interested in. However, a lot of fictional writers also study economical, medical and engineering resources just to write one small part of their story.

Discipline is everything

Developing the idea is wonderful, however it’s not enough – you need to write it down. It’s one of the most difficult parts of a professional writer’s life. Everyday you need to bring yourself to sit down and write your ideas and it’s the perfect place for procrastinating. The creative people are amazing for making excuses.

However, if you do not sit down and write your ideas on paper or type them, your story won’t proceed. In fear of forgetting important things, Your brain will keep repeating already created scenes again and again which will lead one to exhaustion. To prevent this scenario from happening, a writer needs to set a specific amount of words, which he needs to write daily and develop a daily writing habit.

Be prepared to listen and hear others

When you have written a significant amount of story, you need to show it to beta-readers. Beta-readers are the best way to detect pros and coins of your story. Be prepared to take some critics. Be it topic related criticism or critique about grammar, it only shows where you need to improve the story.

Humans are social beings and they grow together. Your newly developed world could be fantastic, but you are already in it and think that everything is perfectly told. However, your readers see your story from outside and it may be difficult for them to understand what’s going on.

Have you ever heard a recording of your voice and thought that it sounds miserable? The same goes to writing. You may think that what you have written is bad, but for other people it may sound really nice. Don’t be the one to judge your work – find someone, who will be happy to do so for you.

Everything is possible mindset

Last but not the least – everything is possible. That is the mindset you need to follow. As creative people like to doubt themselves, they procrastinate, they work and get emotionally exhausted. This mindset keeps them going. Think about the success of your story and it will come.

The only fight you will lose is the one you won’t start. Rise, write and fight for the success of your book. I hope this article helps you to understand traits needed to be a good writer.

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